Registering a business name in Kenya

How to register your business or company in kenya

Business names, commonly referred to as Sole Proprietorship or partnerships, are registered under the Business Names Act.
The reasons why you may prefer to register your small business as a sole proprietorship include;
• They are easy to register.
• They require only one person to start.
• You can upgrade to a limited company when need be.
• Registration fees are affordable.

Registration of a Business Name in Kenya

Name Search
This is the first step and you are required submit three names for consideration. Once accepted, the names are reserved for a period not exceeding 30 days pending registration.
Statement of particulars Form (BN 2 form).
Once the names that were submitted after the search process have been approved, the applicants must fill a statement of particulars form which is also known as BN 2 form.
Once you submit the BN 2 form, you should wait for a period of about one week for the certificate to be processed after which you can get the certificate.
Requirements for Registering a Business Name in Kenya
• You must submit three names to be used during the process of name search.
• You must state the nature of the business you will be undertaking.
• Name(s) of the proprietor(s) in full
• Postal and physical addresses of the business. The physical address details include road, plot number, town and the County.
• A copy of national identity card or passport of the proprietor of partners.
• Passport photo of the proprietor of partners.
• A copy of KRA PIN certificate of the proprietor and his/her partners if any.
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