Requirements for registering a company in Kenya

The following are the requirements for registering a company in Kenya.

When forming a limited company in Kenya, the law requires that certain documents must be submitted by the persons that are interested in incorporating the company.

These documents include personal documents of the persons registering the company and legal documents.

The personal documents that are required include:

  • A copy of Identity Card of each of the director.
  • A copy of KRA PIN certificate of each of the director.
  • A passport sized photograph of each of all the directors.

The legal documents that you must submit to the registrar of companies include.

  • Memorandum of Association – This document sets up the company’s constitution and objectives.
  • Article of association – This document contains the rules and regulations by which its internal affairs are governed. It deals with matters such as share capital, directors, shares, company meetings among other things.

The documents above must be signed by a minimum of 7 people in the case of public limited company or a minimum of 2 people for private limited company. If the company being formed has share capital, each share subscriber must write opposite to his/her name the total number of shares owned.

Other documents that must submitted include:

  • Statement of Nominal Capital – This document states the amount of nominal capital in KES. The stamp duty that is paid during registration is determined by share capital stated by the company. The document is only required though, if the company has a share capital.
  • Particulars of Directors and Secretary – This document is under section 201 of the Companies Act.

We have drafted a good article on how to register a company in Kenya. Have a look at it and you will get to know how these documents are used.


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